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Numerous companies turn around from investing in the UAE due to the compulsion of having a UAE citizen as partner with 51% owned by the national. And due to this Free Trade zone has become a favourite place for people wanting to have 100% ownership of their own business. Free trade zone refers to the business having its own special tax free status, customs and jurisdiction with the exemption of UAE criminal law. Free zone may be categorized into seaport free zone, mainland free zone and airport free zone. These are advantages enjoyed by a new investor while playing to form a company Ajman Free zone.This is to maximize the transportation advantage for companies in a free trade zone. The UAE government has a numerous Free Trade Zone set up so as to enhance the economy, encourage foreign development and improve the growth of the region.

They have set up these kinds of zones for specific business activity and offer more profitable provision on these zones.The UAE has set up almost 44 zones which contribute to the GDP of the country. These zones have attracted around 200,000 companies. The free trade zone has lenient business setup and paperwork cost which has resulted in such numerous companies investing in the UAE and Set up your business in Dubai free zone enables the companies to get into multiple business activities with multiple licences via helping them to make revenue thereby contributing to the GDP of UAE.

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Business hub of world- Free zone company formation in Dubai

For starters who wants to set up a business in dubai, the most favoured place are free zones. There are a number of advantages while setting up  a business in a free zone. A set of predefined activities which are allowed in a free zones. Based on the business activity of a company in Dubai if in a free zone requires a licence. Free zone Ajman is also favourable among investors in the UAE. As a result, the inflow of business has also increased, setting up more and more free zone companies in Ajman. There are a number of new free zones getting established in the UAE and in coming years you might witness a rise in the number of free zone. This is more focused on increasing the number of foreign investors to UAE thereby contributing to the overall growth of the country. 

Main attraction for company formation in Dubai

Most of the business population who are an investor, an entrepreneur rely on 3 different entities to form an organization in the Dubai freezone. They are FZE (Free Zone Establishment), FZC (Free Zone Company) and a branch office. There are numerous benefits in setting up a business in a freezone. As discussed earlier it is ideal for foreign investors giving 100% ownership. It provides 0% corporate tax. The freezone also provides an additional advantage of exemption in various contexts such as exemption in customs duties, value added tax(VAT), import and export tax. They also avail a foreign investor with increasing the number of foreign employees. And this helps an investor to accommodate more employees to have a multicultural environment in an organization. Another highlight of freezone is that they are sector-specific which makes it easy for an investor to choose their hub of knowledge.   

As for UAE, the business environment has always been giving away an abundance of opportunities for native investors and more favourable for foreign too. Not only for investors, cooperations, entrepreneurs and startups. According to the reports from Dubai free zone council in 2018, approximately 31.9% of Dubai’s GDP was contributed from Dubai free zones. The free zones are set up basically designed to boost the emirate economy and to increase international business opportunities in the UAE. It is provided with a single window administration convenience which makes it beneficial for the new investors. 

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Why set up a company in Dubai Free zone?

Being a skilled service provider, we facilitate your dream company formation in Dubai. For any startups or especially a new investor, the free zone in Dubai offers a win-win situation. There are around 30 free zones set up in Dubai as of now according to the data. Every free zone enjoys separate legislation from government rules and regulation. Currently there are around 45 free zones set up in UAE as whole and has seperate free zone authority. These are operating for various industries from technology to healthcare. As the highest number of free zones are in Dubai, it allows the investor to benefit from the advantages in setting up a company in Dubai.   

These special economic areas have invited more foreign companies to operate in Dubai at the same time contributing to the Emirati economy and upgrading the status of Dubai and UAE together. Freezone in Dubai has changed the city into the most preferred destination among foreigners and ex-pat for its growth, safety and quality of life.

why set up a company in Ajman Free zone

Like any accomplished professionals, we can help you and guide you through your journey in forming your dream venture in freezone, Dubai. Our comprehensive approach to the business idea of our clientele helps you to have an overall idea of the respective sector. Our industrial experts evaluate and forecast all the major impacts on your venture so that you don’t have to jeopardize it.    

There are numerous benefits in forming a company in Ajman Freezone. It is the only downtown free zone in the UAE with access to major seaports and airports. Facilitating business involving more transportation creating strong connectivity through networks of highways. Freezone Ajman provides its investors with faster licensing, smart office, state of the art infrastructure and communication facilities. Also provide a huge workforce to the zone. The geographic positioning of Freezone Ajman also contributes to the inflow of business opportunities in the area. AFZA is located in such a way that the access time to Dubai and Sharjah is less, giving more access to four ports and two international airports at the same time. This factor in turn does make an investor cater to developing free zone companies in Ajman.

Our assistance in every step on forming a company in Free zone Ajman and Dubai

Our assistance is not only limited to just helping you setting up a company in Dubai. But more diversely we have integrated our approach from suggesting the best strategic ideas with suitable freezone which will be possible according to our panel of experts. Our guidance will be extended to provide documentation including governmental, banking etc in the free zone. We also incorporate a personalized advisor of each of our clientele to guide with audit, bookkeeping, project reports etc.