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Get into multiple business activities with multiple licences

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Free trade zone refers to the business having its own special tax free status, customs and jurisdiction with the exemption of UAE criminal law.

Numerous companies turn around from investing in the UAE due to the compulsion of having a UAE citizen as a partner with 51% owned by the national. And due to this Free Trade zone has become a favourite place for people wanting to have 100% ownership of their own business.

The UAE government has numerous Free Trade Zone set up to enhance the economy, encourage foreign development, and improve the region’s growth. They have set up these kinds of zones for specific business activity and offer more profitable provisions on these zones. The UAE has set up almost 44 zones that contribute to the GDP of the country. These zones have attracted around 200,000 companies. The free trade zone has a lenient business setup and paperwork cost, which has resulted in numerous companies investing in the UAE.

Setting up a business in a Free Zone.

Enables the companies to get into multiple business activities with multiple licences by helping them make revenue, thereby contributing to the GDP of UAE.