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Looking for a Sponsor in Dubai?

Looking for a visa sponsorship in UAE ?

We guide you through and get you the right sponsor who understands and works in perfect consonance with the company culture and values.

For any investor a visa sponsorship in UAE is one of the most important steps in the initial phase. Now for investors who really want to establish a business set up in the UAE, they have numerous options, one of which is to have a sponsor. According to setting up a business in Mainland LLC (Limited Liability Company) apart from freezone. There are certain regulations, in Mainland LLC, a business set needs to have a business partner in the United Arab Emirates ( local or corporate sponsor). Now the local or corporate investor gets 51% of shares of the foreign company and the foreign investor enjoys only 49% of the business.   

Now according to the company law in UAE, in a foreign company to set up a business in Mainland LLC it is mandatory to have a business partner who is a UAE national along with the foreign investor. The local sponsor will not interfere in the day-to-day business happening in the organization. But the foriegn company is bound to pay a certain sum of amount to the local investor every year for the services offered by him. 

If you feel finding a business partner in the UAE for your company is a herculean task, we are there to assist you through this. We guide you through and get you the right sponsor who understands and works in perfect consonance with the company culture and values. Having a strong and noteworthy investor for your business can be a huge advantage. 

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Why is Docswise the best in visa sponsorship/ business partnership service in UAE ?

Our combined approach in researching a client in the initial stage helps us to get a comprehensive figure. It also allows us to forecast the requirements and risks involved in the venture. From this we can familiarize the investor with the viability and the future of the business venture. It is from this step we study the company culture, values, work environment of the budding organization. In addition, this also helps us to understand the foreign investor and the business culture in whole. In other words all these facilitates us to choose the best and suitable business partner for our client. 

This is not the only way by which a potential investor can start a business in Dubai. In free zones there is no need for a local sponsor to start a business in Dubai. Now the pool of local sponsors will vary from industry to industry. Our long term professional relationship with the most prominent and best local investors, corporate sponsor and individual local sponsors allows us to deliver the best service in the industry. UAE being the hub of business happening in the world, it is the most flourishing environment for any type of investor. 

And we will be very happy to oblige you with the perfect sponsor who aligns with your company culture. Our professional relation with clients have allowed us to expand our association with other prospective investors. Hence irrespective of industry, we have been leading as best business visa sponsorship & partner in Dubai.

Why should you look for visa sponsorship in Dubai?

As per the rule above mentioned, any foreign investor to start a business in Dubai or in the UAE needs to have a resident as a business partner or sponsor. And this business partner or sponsor won’t be interfering in the day to day activities in the organization. Now for any foreign inverter, it might seem difficult to find an appropriate business partner. Especially when the new investor does not have an idea of the business environment of Dubai. This also helps your business in giving assurance and also upholds credibility in the target industry. 

A good business partner and an effective business plan can make your business venture to achieve heights. It is a step by step process. Firstly after registering a new business organization then the trail follows to getting the best and suitable business partner for the business. The selection of a sponsor or a business partner for your business in the UAE may be challenging. Because you should get a partner/ sponsor who will align with your company culture and values. The sponsorship and the business should harmonize with each other. Furthermore the collaboration of both should create a perfect business environment to operate and nurture optimally in all dimensions. Consequently creating growth in the business. Ideally the idea is to create a win-win situation for a foreign investor and a native sponsor/ business partner.

We give you the best visa sponsorship service in Dubai, UAE

Business personnel from every corner are trying to make a mark in the business sector in the UAE. In this growing economy it is critical to find the right partner. The local law enforcement with the help of the right partner can help you set up an effective business. An effective business partner can help you familiarize and counter with the risk and advantages involved in the business of the respective industry.      

Inshort one of the most primary questions by first time entrepreneurs is whether there is a need for a sponsor in Dubai for the establishment. It depends on the type of industry and nationality. Being a foreign investor/ entrepreneur trying to set up a business with a commercial or industrial license in the mainland, then you need one.  But for any investor who wishes to set up a business venture in a freezone with a professional service license, then you might not find one. And we fully accessorize ourselves to provide you the best visa sponsorship and business partner in the UAE.